2022 stuff worth a damn

Manel Tinoco de Faria
2 min readJan 5, 2023


Five shows or movies you might have missed that stood the test of boredom and the analytics of “I might kill myself watching this”


Not a bad movie, one might say. Some new twist to the original Predator IP (that has been butchered over and over, alien hunter style) brought us a film that wasn’t the worst thing you may have watched last year.

Kudos to the overall cinematography (it looks gorgeous, #trudat).

On the other hand, characters should’ve been a bit more fleshed out, but hey… it’s a Predator movie, nobody wants a side of caviar with your standard Whopper.

4. BARRY, SS 3

I was never a fan of Bill Hader, even when he cameo-ed on shows I used to watch (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks & Rec, he must’ve been in the latter, right?), but the thing he co-created with Alec Berg is absolutely stunning to watch.

A dark comedy for the ages, something truly unique, able to make you LOL and sob, cackle and crack in very short intervals.

Bill’s a movie buff (and a first-time director with this).

The shows he gets to steer are simply unforgettable.

It’s easily one of my favorite shows ever.

3. RRR

The amount of… wood coming out of India is hysterical. North to South, East and West they churn out psychedelic and hysterical FPS by the nanosecond.

RRR tells us a hero story (or is it superhero?) from the lens and frame of a buddy movie. It’s an action piece, full of adrenaline, testosterone, crazy bike and tiger stunts (yes, there is that) ready to make you explode with excitement.


Another testosterone gin & tonic, sorry, another adrenaline rum & coke that also wants to be kinda artistic and thought-provoking.

This is a Hamlet plot filled with a fair amount of twists.

There’s a oner fight scene.

The lead dude does his job.

Nicole Kidman’s in there, too.

It’s a fun gig and the action is proper.


Ryan Reynolds and Rob Whatever aren’t the stars of this thing. They’re not supposed to.

Neither was this show supposed to be so fun to watch: a sports doc (or a mock… can it be kind of mockumentary-ish?!) telling the underdog story of a Welsh club doomed to fail but somehow rescued from the ashes by a pair of North American douchebags.

It’s a proper show… you should check it mos def.