2022 stuff worth a damn, gone politics

Manel Tinoco de Faria
4 min readJan 10, 2023


turn on Location. Now it’s geopolitics…


The death of a monarch would’ve been a tragic news, something for prime time news and announcements in the… Middle Ages.

In 2022, celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s feats for 15 days straight was just beyond insane.

Sure, she did her fair share of good deeds and contributions (also: she might’ve been a tad racist, idk, or at least married one hardcore racist) but one doesn’t need, in this day and age, to be constantly in awe of a human bookmark of centuries long, gone and forgotten.

God Save our future. And please, Keep her in peace, sure:)


in Qatar was sensational, in that it had Saudi Arabia winning vs. Argentina, Morocco beating Portugal and whoever was able to face and properly beat the French (hint: these blue and white dudes did it:)

FIFA already had World Cup events in Mussolini’s Italy, so one should’ve feel pretty okay with this event being held in a… how should one put this… in a rather developed, modern, sophisticated and [unbelievably retarded] country in terms of human rights and the lot.

As the ball humans play with their feet started rolling, everybody forgot the kafala, the role of women (or lack of it) in Qatari society… yeah. ’Twas good. Some say the next one will be hosted by Saudi Arabia.

One thing’s for sure: they got the cash!

3. US OF B

Elections played a big part in the northern regions of the world, as Donald Trump staked high in his realm of American dominati, or should one say, brainwashing?!

Joe Biden apparently won it fair and square, despite all the deniers.

One can never know what will be of the United States come next week (is it the crazy weather?

Will there be another shooting? When?

Who’s the next Alex Jones clone?

How much more expensive can Cali become in the near future?

Who’s gonna properly face and regulate the big tech moguls?

Who dat Amber Heard said raped her and all? “Shiiiiiiiiit!”

One thing seems pretty trivial as you read this: it’s still a country, it seems to be taking better care of itself (well, there’s Afghanistan, that didn’t turn out good!) and there are podcasts everywhere.

Even Obama had one. And it failed.

No, he couldn’t


Elon Musk likes some marketing stunts so that’s precisely what he did when he came bowling in twitter’s offices after his famous ‘in-app purchase’ and fired the next ten people he saw.

Sure, he played it straight and honest, as one should, but he also clearly misunderstood the pricing model, as he went back to the Middle Ages, where Kings and Queens had everything and the peasants had… somethin’ else.

The platform’s flexible pricing makes absolutely no sense, and that’s why people are flocking to other platforms such as Rumble, Mastodon, friggin’ KOO (made in Italy!), I mean, unless you’re Mr. Beast (so, you Own YouTube), you can make and publish content in all sorts of place rather than Elon’s new toy.

That’s what he likes: toys.

“Let’s have some fun with cars, make them dance”… where have I seen this before?

probably here, idk

One thing he did that didn’t surprise me at all: telling people to vote Red. Yeah… what else?!

In the end, he’s still one of the smartest dudes around (do I own twitter? Do I have a say in anything that matters?!) so let’s wait and see for his 2023.


Russia going apeshit on Ukraine wasn’t something you’d comment like: “Never gonna happen, mate” because they actually went for it and sooner than everybody anticipated.

Posting troops near the border (“Niet, Americanska, niet, niet… just training, you see?”), was a huge red flag. Then they rolled down one of Europe’s main suppliers of… basically everything.

Ukraine’s been a Russian obsession since… forever.

The face of La Resistance is Man of the Year (or is it modern day John Rambo?) Volodymyr Zelensky, and let’s hope we keep seeing and listening to him. This means the Russians can’t get to him (and won’t catch him anytime soon).

This was the main event of early 2022 that will shape what lies ahead of 2023 and after.

Who cares about COVID anymore?