File formats you must hate

Manel Tinoco de Faria
3 min readJan 4, 2023



Let’s be real: everybody hates .tiff files. And we always will


The name itself is presumptuous. Like it’s screaming at you in an almost empty room. Face it: .tiff files are so mundane and meaningless nobody gives a pair of Sheissen about them.

Even the terminology is insanely unreal: wtf has a file type of Four characters more than any other file type?

You got your .mp3, .srt, .mp4, .mov, shiiiiit, even Apple stuff is user-friendly when it comes to format lingo.

.tiff files are the Jimmy Fallon of file formats: absolutely useless.

4. ASS

So the name’s sexy (isn’t it?) but the practicality of the .ass file surpasses me. In this day and age of mobile nano and virtual tech, someone thought .ass files should be editable… all the way from creation to save and move. Like… I work in subtitles, and even I sometimes struggle to properly understand all the bits and pieces of this file type.

It’s complex, it’s sophisticated, it’s… a pain in the .ass, really.

3. DLL

all the Windows out there shout: “Hey… you!”

If you happen to breathe O2 like all of us, you’ve probably run in a… RunDLL32 error before amirite?!

Sure I am.

Run for the hills… because .dll files aren’t gonna make your life easier if you screw with them.

They’ll bite and nag your head off until screens and keyboards start flying all around your bedroom.

So lame!


I still can’t get my head around this file format because… idk if it’s even worth a damn (“look at me, I can do video too!”) or if it actually adds value to the media file type… landscape.

Whatever the deal is, I don’t like it. I never did.

Puaa! That’s me spitting on .webm files.

  1. TAR

They are the rabbit holes of Linux rookies. They are Sideshow Bob’s Bartholomew J. Simpson. The Kryptonite to the Kal El. The Carnage to the Venom’s Spider Man. Shiiiiit they stink so bad!

Yet they’re fundamental to understand if you want to get your head around the sudo su 101.

.tar or .tar.gz files will make you go cray but if you somehow happen to master them, you’re on the stairway to success and glory!