I hate Cascais and I wanna die

Lowest common denominator. Promiscuity. Right wing ideology. Church n’ Christ above anything. BS, bling and pizazz. It’s just useless all-around, really…

Portugal is a lovely country all-around but it has its ‘foes’. In the same way one could say Texas and Alabama are different States from the US of Big A, Cascais likes to think it sits apart from all the ‘others’ around it.

Welcome to Cascais!!!


ol’dirty D. Carlos for y’all

Tios. Você. Martim.

I do not know whoever the f#ck is represented here; but hey’ll probably talk to each other using “Você…”

Is it fair?!

I just love how the search ‘fair’ gave me something like this!


“venever tha Fack I pliiiiiize!!!”

In the end

It doesn’t lack the means nor the will to stand-out as the most attractive region to be when you’re in Lisbon.

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