Stop borrowing, be ORIGINAL

Manel Tinoco de Faria
5 min readJul 12, 2018


I find myself drowning in a pool of reshared and third-party generated content. Nobody speaks their mind although many social networks ask “what’s on your mind”, challenge you to “share an article, photo, video or idea” or simply mumble “what’s happening”…

Users have loads of stuff to share. Whether it’s an instagram story or a pinterest board they are strongly addicted to digital ‘showmanship’: “I went there, so there!” it’s the cardinal rule of social sharing these days. It didn’t evolve that much. The platforms are basically the same since Year I After Facebook and we Stayed the same.

Take a look at the kids now

there’s just an empty space” of creative thought and problem solving capabilities.

One can say we are still organic from birth till death with a brief trip to websiteland and social themed parks. There is no facebook in utero. Nor will it ever live a periscope from a coffin. Sorry folks… absolutely no data there.

Keypoint is

People are just resharing these days. Social networks mean so much to What Others Might Think or Judge (self-looking glass effect) that they won’t risk writing a couple of sentences on a blank piece of paper.


Many years ago I came up with this idea of fast and ‘unsecure’ writing, a combination of Writing + Jazz. Also, it also asks immediately for another acronym: MATAZ. It just sounds better than JAWRITE I guess…

WRAZZ would be the anti-click impulse you have when scrolling downwards. Companies get precise heatmaps (and will charge you a fortune if you want to take a look and manage a work-in-progress of them) on how you view a website.

Men and Women | Security

Browse differently of course. We the owners of penises (or “peni”?) just look for curves and shit. Women look at the picture of some dudette in a bikini an their mouses (or mice?) don’t go that cray.

Good thing keyboards aren’t equipped with sensors… just yet.

Some day — hey, I’m the ignorant, they’re the ones doing it or exploring the possibilities of course — they will anticipate whatever we’ll write.

Because as long as they have the filled forms — you must type so they can get the patterns, just basic B2C interaction, you click to agree, you type to submit personal info — they’ll take everything you got. In case you have any doubts or think I’m biased just check out:

yup. whatever works!

Big Data and the Power of Creativity

sounds like a cool superhero, right? Well

it tastes like nothing because it should mean everything to you but as long as you’re connected — shit, as long as your phone’s turned on — companies will put their hands in everything. You’re not Mike or Adrianna, you’re A buying B doing C at location D sharing E, F, G about X on Y, looking into doing 1 later on with maybe 2 or 3. Don’t relax. You’re a pin code among billions of pin codes.

I’m Not A Robot. Wait… Am I?!

You’re not. Because you can teach a robot to type — and yes he’ll type faster, he’ll be all pages and shit — but you won’t teach it how to do it. To have consistency, coherence and meaning.

Romeo And Juliet won’t ever be written by i-Shakespeare. I am sure of this.

Losing Words

Is what this is all about. People are getting lazier. Way more focused on themselves with short-term intervals for what their facebook or wechat community are thinking. When they have kids their children are the first ones going online. Do people even understand how this will affect their online profiles later on?!

The paradox is the same as accepting google’s terms and them crucifying them for having our lives on a digital plate.

You comment and pass judgment like a hate freak but you are the first one to share that Lark-filtered Boomerang on vacation and hoping every single soul to hit the lonely ❤.

Create More, Share Less

I’m lost on my WRAZZ concept. I even put up a Powerpoint on this. The daily typing challenges. The banned keys, the storyline zig-zags, it was basically where Creative Writing shakes hands with Improv Games.

Your mind actually being busy and doing all the work, not your fucking connection or friend.

Screw the ‘I Wanna Slackline on Botswana’ gig.

Plant a tree + Write a fucking book. Wow, another paradox. You’re saving the planet but you’re also wasting paper.

At least the content is yours. And yeah… others might see it but who the hell cares?!

The Source of All Things Reshared

John Oliver did an interesting piece on Internet studies back in 2016.

studies show that doing Yoga might tighten your anus

Finding out that companies — of course… — are pushing their agendas through idiotic studies to be shared on credible newspapers (not all of are owned by Murdoch btw!). You can also, if you’re a ? Guy like me, find out more about p-hacking…

Money People. Ba$ically… the benjamins

Of course the war is waged through currency. It’s been like that for ages. Why should it be any different now?

I don’t believe you are on a professional network and you don’t showcase your own stuff.

I can’t get around the fact that companies like Disney, Marriott, HP, G4S the UN and even Microsoft are using facebook to do most of their recruitment while people fill this platform with loads of ‘garbage’ that is, like any coin, easily convertible into information and therefore value.

I don’t believe your job is so demanding you don’t have the time to drift off, relax and type a few words, whatever they might be turned into, WRAZZ-styled or just bloggish BS. It’s Your BS dammit! Own it! Publish it!

Or, if you prefer, just Like and Share meaningless and irrelevant word puzzles like — spoiler alert: this might be a WRAZZ demo! -

THINK positively



EAT healthy

WORK hard

STAY strong

BUILD faith

WORRY less

READ more

BE happy

VOLUNTEER freely (loafl — yes, the af stands for: And Fucking)

RELAX often

LOVE always

LIVE forever

A Wrazzer would immediately think: Verbs + adverbs/adjectives = what the shit can we do from here? Let’s mix it up

READ always

STAY well

and… Move it all around

ALWAYS volunteer


See? This might turn into a word cloud that can juice up your drafts!

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