Yes, it’s easier to watch it on youtube. But it’s also a 3min read so shut up!

Apparently, the FX team was asked to wing this thing so it’s only natural this whole action sequence is subpar. To put it lightly…

We had all the tension leading up to it. The storytelling ranks among the best weaved pieces of scriptwriting in the MCU. Aaand… the digital team screwed it up. Kudos for trying though.

One of Marvel’s best movies? Check!

Worst final battle of the whole MCU? Check and mate!


With Cap, Iron and the lot trapped in Planet Earth, Mr. Hammer and Señor Banner were having it in one of Marvel’s funniest, quirkiest, weirdest and most colorful titles. The name of the director says it all aboutn this Thor: Taika Waititi. He voices Korg… if you don’t know Korg, allow me:

The fight is nothing great nor awesome but it’s rare to see Avengers going gratuitously mano-a-mano.

Top stuff. Fine movie!


Not a pretty scene to watch but this fits the purpose of Disney showing off its rebooting capabilities.

Sam Raimi’s Spidey was the Bible of 20th century superhero movies — the in media res storytelling device, the lazy writing of love interests, the cheesy soundtracks — and Andrew Garfield did just… well, let me call me someone who’ll say it better

pretty standard stuff, really.

Kudos for the script. I honestly think Cap’s movies are the ones that spawned better scripts in the entire franchise.

spoiler: this is Not an actual fight scene

This is a dance. A fan service choreograph. Yes it’s epic. Yes it’s grand, and visually stunning, and properly noisy and every bit and piece is made so that you can never forget the clip. #jobwelldone. Silvestri pulls out some nice music too.

The thing with this scene is that… is just too messy. They just went “as long as everyone’s there, nobody cares about what they’ll do next”.

And both focus and logic are thrown out the window. I’ll give them logic for suspension of disbelief. But Portals is basically an ad for the entire MCU.

It accomplishes nothing because the anticipation is too shallow: the arcs develop shit about the characters and the villain’s motivations were already lost in the previous movie.

Still… #jobwelldone

now let the good games begin!

This is actually a pretty cool scene, with nice stunts, cool camera work and some awesome moments for every character. Even Falcon gets sum.

Black Panther owns this and let’s stay with him cuz

The music, the plot until this very moment, every little thing makes this a movie moment for us to remember.

Killmonger, btw, is the best villain the MCU gave us. #facts

The first teaser, per se, of the Portals scene. One of the first times we got to see, on-screen, a dozen of superheroes going cray.

Spidey’s moments are great, Ant-Man gets to do something more than 5 secs and basically this is clean, simple and every character has his/her…

1) Reasons to be there

and, more importantly…

2) Stuff to fight for

One of the most original, fresh and exquisite ‘fight’ scenes of the MCU.

Strange is not the most beloved superhero and yet he gets the most fun outta fighting Herr Dormammu here.

It’s different, it’s fresh and we should have had more like this: tactics over physical, mental overpowering lasers.


The whole scene is pretty much forgettable in 2020: the movie is from 2008 and the superhero is worm buffet as you read.

Yet this was the kickstart to the whole playlist: Caps’ movies, Thors’, Black Panther, Strange, Spideys’, Hulk, Quiksilver, I dunno, if the Portals scene tributed the fans… it was basically because of this.

Iron Man is still one of the — if not the best, let’s say — MCU movie of all time. And the funny thing is… he was never the most popular of superheroes.

(I think that’s why they offed him in Endgame; hadn’t RDJ squeezed anything outta Iron Man, the character would be a solo movie fiasco and the whole MCU thang = Zero and Nada at all)

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