Will we extinguish ourselves due to racism?

History tells us… be kinda afraid. Adolf was a subscriber of this Racistflix that cost millions of lives. Other countries, in 2020, kill off people that don’t matter to them. From North Korea to Uganda, humankind is so far ahead in terms of tech just like it is retarded in terms of social propositions.

We don’t see that many TEDs about equality. Equality in education. Equal access to health, education, religion, technology. Social acceptance of sexual preferences. These are what famed comic George Carlin used to call ‘big topics’. The ones he dealt with, mentally, publicly and, often times, rather funnily.

Then you got your EIon Musks. Gary Vees. People that today represent something I might call ‘neutral’ when we want to discuss the future for real.

They just don’t matter.

They’re not opinionated enough to discuss any policy, any path, any reasonable preference for Let’s Do A or B is Better whatsoever.

I’m just a “dumb white guy”, as Bloodhoung Gang sang.

But at least I can puzzle stuff up and, somehow, try to prevent us from extinction.

Even if whatever we’ll have left are driverless cars giving rides to…

bugs. Not Bunny Bugs.

The maggots.


Tells us we probably hated each other for ages. In terms of primal instincts, should

one attack one of his/her species just because he/she has something different, better or acted in a ‘funny’ manner?

“Am I a clown to you”, “I’m here to amuse you”?

Well, animals do it better and they’re not racists. In order to be a racist, you have to have to be sentient and some sort of social construct that allows you to think, read and at least discuss the Terms & Conditions from the other party you don’t necessarily… agree with.

Animals eat each other for survival. We, in top of the food chain, give them the worst spoiler possible: once the shark or the lion takes our place, skinnier, darker or gayer sharks or lions will be outcasted and hated for millenia.

So, I’d conclude, in a Stephen Fry-ish manner, that the only unnatural behavior is the one shown by us, Homo Happy and Racist Sapiens: we are the only species that, f.i., discriminate other fellow Happy and Racist — let’s add Homossexual for the sake of argument, yes, Homo Homossexual, that would be a funny Simpsons episode — individuals based on his/her sexual preference.

The one and only.

Dolphins don’t do this.

Turtles never ‘constructed’ this (and they live longer than us).


What and when went we absolutely Insane to the point we shoot dudes in public for being gay, black, I mean…


Don’t know the origin of the word but I would say the endgame to this ‘touchy matter’ (using Trump terminology here, please and thank you) is… our mandatory extinction.

If the word dictates ‘hate speech and more hateful actions’ towards one another we might as well celebrate the feats of Goebbels instead of Christmas. Like… year after year.

Let’s break down Racism for kids, like with a SWOT analysis or whatevs:


- you may gain some social media traction

- you might design some cool new logos


- you may be hated for life, just like you assumed your eternal hatred for someone, somebody, somewhere because of some thing, some creed, some color that’s the not the same as yours

- it’s basically and socially useless in terms of personal and social gain; studies show racist people are usually dumber, poorer and AHHHH! GOTCHA! See?

I just went racist for a sec and you didn’t even notice… I mean, this shouldn’t even be a thing



- Tik Tok is your world now, not the street nor panflets!

- Start small, think big: why shouldn’t you hate people that live in islands? Hashtag it #georacism and go mental on that thing;

- If Trump, Jair, Vlad, Xi, mainly these 4, happen to read your things and retweet or comment, you might have to expand your PR (for propaganda, not public relations) department;


- You may get physically and mentally assaulted, and your injuried may or may not be entirelly and socially justifiable; chances are… they will be justifiable if you’re a cheap, gratuitous and lowly racist;

  • you may get torched while walking your dog;
  • you will be [rightfully] trashed on social media;
  • you may get elected/rig votes/get yourself elected as POTUS, Grand Leader of the People’s Republic of China or Father Russia of all Things Russians;

So… I guess this was Racism 101.

Class dismissed.

Don’t have time for more.

Don’t wanna talk about it more.

There are loads of people way better qualified than me, white, gray, ultra violet, muslim, hindus, idk and I don’t care… Racism sucks and you should do something worthy and socially better with your life.

While you have it… grab it, take it and cherish it.

Don’t waste it on vanity metrics and propaganda.

Just be yourself and appreciate all the people around you.

That should be a proper way to live in a healthy manner among other humans.

Peace out and die old,





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